As we continue our quest to provide the best in health care, we also recognize our role as an institution in the Lee County and Eastern Arkansas communities.  This realization compels us to continuously seek ways to improve as we develop into a center that follows the latest practices in health care.

I am particularly excited about our transition to Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) status.  While the terminology is new, the concept of addressing not only a patient's health needs but their social needs as well, is not.  During Lee County Cooperative Clinic's formative years we called this comprehensive health care.  The required tracking mechanism written into the PCMH model will allow us, as your Primary Care Provider (PCP), to follow your care outside of our offices.  Another innovation is patient self-management.  Our patients will learn best practices regarding their health and have a well thought out health plan.  We will equip them with the knowledge to determine optimum blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol and other readings necessary to take when those readings are out of compliance.

Lee County Cooperative Clinic was born through the efforts of ordinary people in our area, farmers, mechanics, housewives, the disabled, retirees and factory workers.  With the large contributions of Volunteers in Service to America workers, LCCC went from a dream to a reality and the community expects us, as stewards to that legacy, to grow and sustain our health center for the coming generations.  I thank all who took action to give a voice to those who, for much too long, were voiceless and to instill the pride that still surrounds us.

When I experience difficult days in my present position, I think of the much larger obstacles they faced and how they did not turn back built an institution that has lasted for many years.  It is an awesome task but one that we welcome.  

While you're on our site, please visit our Patient Education Library where you will find information on health, medical conditions, medications, and procedures. 

So, please continue to visit us online and when you're in the area, visit us at 530 west Atkins Boulevard in Marianna.  We await your call.


Ora Barnes Stevens, Chief Executive Officer

Lee County Cooperative Clinic